Ridge + Sarah

Wedding Photography

“Hands down the best photographer I’ve ever had.”

Their Story

As a photographer, I love watching couples enjoy their special day and unabashedly celebrate their love. Ridge and Sarah’s wedding was such fun—from the beautiful ceremony to the dance floor, you could feel the joy bubbling over. 

Their adorable son was a part of the wedding, and did not leave their side during the entire ceremony. This was such an important reminder of just how beautiful family truly is. Weddings are meant to bring families together as one, and create little guys just like him. I photographed the wedding all the way from the behind-the-scenes moments of getting ready, till the music came on. Before we knew it, the day had flown by and the reception was over. 

Even when the outdoor lighting wasn’t perfect or the space was difficult to maneuver, I always made sure the experience was stress-free and fun! I love embracing an unexpected challenge and finding ways to make it beautiful. It was such an honor to be a part of this important milestone in Ridge and Sarah’s lives.  

“Alyssa is genuine, kind, and makes you feel so comfortable—she captures every single moment that you’ll absolutely love!”

— Sarah
Wedding party portrait for Ridge and Sarah
Wedding party portrait for Ridge and Sarah in Wailua Hawaii

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