Branden + Taelynn

Wedding Photography

“From the day I met Alyssa, I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding.”

Their Story

Sometimes you just know when something is meant to be. When I first met with Branden and Taelynn, I connected with them right away. I could feel Taelynn’s excitement and anticipation for her big day, and couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding. Taelynn even told me how she couldn't wait to see the photos (before the wedding even happened)! 

We kept in close communication throughout the wedding planning, and worked together to capture their ultimate vision, even when their budget was modified in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Having been together since the 7th grade, Branden and Taelynn, are a truly special couple. It's safe to say that I cry at every wedding, and this one was no exception. The wedding went perfectly and the love these two share could be felt in everything. From Branden’s reaction to his bride walking down the aisle, to dancing together at the reception, photographing their wedding was a dream.

While editing the photos, I sent over a couple of select images to give them a sneak peek. On receiving their full gallery, Taelynn and Branden loved the way in which their wedding was captured. After taking a quick glance, Taeylynn said she could feel the emotion from that day coming back, and couldn’t wait to sit with Branden and view the gallery together.

“Alyssa is just so talented! I've always loved her work and I believe she is the best at what she does. There's no one quite like her. I kept in touch with her throughout the planning process of my wedding, and she was always there to give me advice. She is truly gifted.”

— Taelynn
Wedding Photography Branden and Taelynn Wailua Kauai

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